The Digital Edition - My Green Gazette

In addition to The Gazette you have access to a digital replica of our print product called The Green Gazette.

A man looking at a mobile phone
A man looking at a mobile phone.

The Green Gazette lets you navigate an exact replica of the printed newspaper to use with your students in class just as you would the newsprint version. You can flip through pages and skim headlines, view articles, photos, games and comics with the click of a button, and even print out stories and photos in “clipping” format!

  • NIE access to The Green Gazette is provided at no charge to classrooms through donations from Gazette readers in our community.

Keep in mind

Each of your students must use your user name and password for classroom access. We suggest you post the user name and password in your room during the time your students are using the paper in class, but that you don't leave it posted permanently. By signing up for access to the digital replica of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, you are agreeing to let your students use the paper for educational purposes in class only. Thank you for honoring this request.

How to apply

To apply for Green Gazette access for the upcoming school year simply click on the Apply Now button below.